Work Through Issues Related to ADHD

Work Through Issues Related to ADHD

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If you suffer from ADHD, you know how difficult daily tasks can be. Thankfully, you don't have to learn how to navigate the world alone. Kathie Ray-Annis runs an ADHD therapy center in Vancouver, WA that helps children and adults alike.

You can learn how to manage your symptoms and develop skills to help you succeed in various situations, like work and relationships. If you're ready to talk to an ADHD therapist, set up an appointment with Kathie Ray-Annis.

How can ADHD impact your life?

It's not always easy to identify all the ways ADHD is affecting your life. Thankfully, ADHD therapy can help. The first step is identifying the signs of ADHD in adults, which can include:

  • Facing job failures and frequent job changes
  • Struggling to maintain healthy relationships
  • Experiencing impulse control problems
  • Struggling with excitement seeking
  • Having difficulty sleeping
  • Facing driving issues
Not sure if you have ADHD? The first step is to talk to an ADHD therapist. Contact Kathie Ray-Annis now to schedule an appointment.

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