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Kathie is kind and thoughtful
When I first met with Kathie, I felt completely hopeless. My life was spiralling down and I could see no way out. Kathie consistently helped me recognize my strenghts and provided ideas on how to make my life better. She helped me see a future that I could not see.

Chris S.


Happy Customers

I am so glad I found her!
I had searched for a long time to find someone who would give me a court ordered mental health evaluation. Everyone I called wanted too much money or they didn't do mental health evaluations at all! And I needed it done within two weeks. Kathie was able to get me in for an evaluation and get the report to my lawyer in time for my court date. She was very nonjudgmental and her price was within my price range! I give Kathie a big "Thanks!"

Ethan M.


I had learned the tools to deal with my issues many years ago,but forgot them over time. When anger issues started popping up I didn't know how to deal with them. I just needed to remember the tools and how to use them to get past my anger issues. Kathie was awesome. She always said just the right thing to make my light bulb turn on! What she calls my aha! moments.

Kitty J.


Kathie was such a great help to me!
I had a very traumatic situation that Kathie helped me resolve. She was nonjudgmental and understood where I was coming from.

- Patti O